Weddings Powered by VLiving – A Gift Guide

Weddings Powered by VLiving – A Gift Guide

This wedding season VLiving brings you a guide that helps navigate the big question of what makes the perfect gift for such an occasion. Because a wedding marks new beginnings for any couple and usually sees them settling into a new home they can call their own, newly weds are sure to appreciate a thoughtfully curated gift which helps them achieve their vision of a picture perfect ‘nest’.



Personalisation is the key

Not only do personalized gifts suggest that time and effort went into procuring them, but they also make the ones on the receiving end feel unique and loved. Because no new homemaker can have enough bed linen or towels, these customisable Embroidered Duvet Covers and customisable Monogrammed Towels from VLiving are ideal to mark a fresh start for the couple and hence are perfect wedding gifts.The monogram detail can be personalized with options to choose letters in various colors and embroidery styles are the epitome of a ‘one of a kind’ gift.


Make ‘Nesting’ more meaningful

For most people, bedding essentials such as quilts are a one time purchase, something which couples tend to invest in at the very beginning of setting up home. It’s a great idea to surprise the newly wed couple with a quilt set, chosen from VLiving’s collection which features colorful Quilt Set options as well as Classic Satin Quilt Sets



Quilt Sets with Pillow Covers from VLiving

Another gifting alternative which will be much appreciated by any new couple is a pair of curtains. At VLiving, you can choose from a wide range of curtains that come in unique prints, hanging styles and finishes to suit a wide domestic taste palette. However, our favorite is this versatile Moroccan Embroidered curtain which affords any homemaker the option to mix and match it with any style of home decor.



Date Nights But Better

From having guests over for dinner to planning a date night in, newly weds can be expected to entertain and celebrate at home more often than others, involving frequent use of their kitchen and dining spaces.



Coordinated Set Of Kitchen and Dining ware from VLiving 

A gift of kitchen essentials from VLiving can help them elevate this experience to all new heights. A coordinated set of cooking apron, table runner, kitchen towels, pot holders and gloves can be presented collectively as seen here, or gifted individually to please the new couple. Ceramics and Serveware may also be added to the mix for creating an unforgettable and wholesome gift.



Ceramic and Serveware from V Living

An Artistic New Beginning

Unique wall art made with love is hard to come by, making our tastefully crafted embroidered hoop hangings stand out. They feature elegantly placed patch work with a traditional flair which lend a royal appeal to any space. On the other hand, our digital prints are excellent contemporary alternatives, which can be scaled into various sizes to make for modern wall hangings.



(L) Hoop hanging & (R) Modern Wall Hanging from VLiving

No matter what you pick, a quality gift goes a long way with loved ones. A new couple will certainly be overjoyed by such a thoughtful gesture which puts them on the fast track to making their space picture perfect.

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