The Monsoon Edit: Handpicked Home Essentials for the Rainy Season

The Monsoon Edit: Handpicked Home Essentials for the Rainy Season

The allure of monsoon can best be described as that comforting feeling that settles in the gut and craves for us to stay indoors. Those cozy days are best enjoyed in a home where every corner is furnished and decorated to personal taste with items that provide solace, as rain pitter patters against the window stills.

A rainy day at home is often synonymous with sipping a piping hot drink, enjoying a light spray of rain water on the balcony, unwinding in a long shower or relaxing on the sofa. But the right home decor can heighten these experiences and truly make the time spent at home worthwhile throughout the monsoon season. That’s why it’s helpful to have a guide like this one handy, so one can handpick the right home essentials for rainy days.

Dining In gets an earthy touch

Who doesn’t revel in the scent of mother earth that is emitted during rainfall and what if we told you this scent could be captured in the palm of your hands? That’s exactly what it feels like to relish a cuppa of coffee or masala chai in these stoneware Mocha Black Tea Cup as each piece is handmade organically, adding the earth element to every sip.



Moreover, the experience of dining in on a rainy day can be further amplified with serveware made of natural materials like wood. There’s nothing better than this stackable rustic mango wood tray to present ceramic mugs on, especially if you’re not home alone. Add this tribal carved wooden bowl to the mix and you have the perfect setup for drinks and snacks on a monsoon day.

Lounging gets a colorful upgrade

It’s inevitable to succumb to the urge to lounge around on a rainy day, especially if dark clouds are looming over. A splash of color can truly help to keep the gloomy side of monsoon at bay, and instead amplifies the feeling of comfort and cheerfulness that comes with rainy days. When it comes to decorating for this time of the year, some handpicked items from our Shyrdak collection will fit right into your space. Like this turquoise print table cover and these matching turquoise cushion covers will elevate the atmosphere around your dining and lounge area.

Similarly, bedroom space also gets a color upgrade through the color splash collection with offerings like this bohemian bedspread and complimenting arabesque cushions that make your lifestyle more relaxed yet upbeat.

Making home essentials Monsoon Proof

As the air becomes heavy with humidity in monsoon season, it is advisable to safeguard home essentials, especially soft furnishings, before they dampen with moisture. These Quilted Pillow Protectors keep pillows in shape, which can otherwise trap vapour triggering mold and mildew. Similarly, if your home features a set of poufs, it would be an investment to shop one of these vibrant yet study Pouf Covers online and add yet another colorful element to your monsoon home decor.

Adding these monsoon appropriate elements to the home truly makes time go by quickly and comfortably on the gloomiest of rainy days. The contrast of these vivid colors truly induces a dopamine effect whether you are in the mood for a nap or a humble cup of your favorite drink in your balcony.

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