Home Decor Trends of 2022

Home Decor Trends of 2022

The average person is spending more time at home than ever before, owing to three consecutive years of the current pandemic. Terms like ‘Work From Home’ and ‘Hybrid Living Space’ have become commonplace in our vocabulary, while also hugely impacting what individuals seek from their living spaces today.

Longer hours at home have translated to mental and physical tranquility taking precedence over other aspects of home decor and home interiors, shifting the focus to more eco-friendly approach and respect towards nature, further leading to the emergence of micro as well as macro trends, which are now being adapted to different tastes and preferences from home to home.

  1. Shades of Nature: Pastels and neutrals like Millennial Pink and Purist Blue may have ruled the last decade but earthy hues like Cognac, Terracotta, Burnt Umber, Moss and Avocado Green are set to take over for 2022, if not for the next few years. Being touted as ‘palette cleansers’ these shades collectively make up for a home environment which is calm and comforting, giving one a platform to bring ‘nature’ indoors in times when the opportunities to go outdoors may be limited.


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: The last decade has seen a strong resurgence of vintage or retro design sensibilities, adapted to modern lifestyles and in 2022 one can expect to lean further into this concept. The return of earthy, natural shades nods to the bygone mid century aesthetic which was dominated by a combination of subdued browns, greens with psychedelic purple, orange and yellows. Mid century modern design inspired by trends of the 50s and 60s will continue to be a cult favorite, however grand millennial trends dominated by even more dated concepts such as floral chintz of the 40s, are likely to get a modern yet fashionably maximalist upgrade. As a result, all over prints, embroidered motifs and ruffled trims are expected to make their way into soft furnishings collections of throws, curtains, pillow covers and wallpapers.

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Natural Materials and Textures: This trend is a byproduct of the sustainable living movement which has been gaining steam in the past few years and for good reason. This urge to look ‘all natural’ will translate to home decor as well, leading to predominant use of natural and organic materials such as jute, cotton, linen, ceramic and terracotta. Textures which reflect the authentic nature of a product in comparison to industrial finishes can also be expected to be in high demand.

Multifunctional Spaces: With bedrooms turning into home offices and living rooms turning into virtual hangout zones, versatility will be a highly sought after feature in home decor. Not only smart technology but also smart furnishings will be in trend along with Items that can be easily moved about, have inbuilt storage and can fit into the ‘work from home’ routine effortlessly.


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Culture Of DIY: The pandemic brought about a wave of creativity, seeing a surge in ‘Do It Yourself’ hobbies during a time when most people were homebound. This, coupled with digital exposure to a world of culturally diverse handicrafts has paved the way for DIY inspired home decor infused with elements of Macrame, Tie & Dye, Crochet, Knitting, Pottery among others. From cushions and curtains to wall hangings, prints inspired and textures inspired by these DIY crafts can be expected to feature heavily in homes.


A collective of these trends culminates into a big step towards multifaceted spaces where rejuvenation and relaxation is punctuated by functionality. While natural and utilitarian trends gain popularity, the perfect home will always be one which makes an individual feel at utmost ease. We at V Living continue to stay committed to quality and craftsmanship above all else and cater to large tribe with a diverse and unique palette.

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