Deck The Halls with VLiving

Deck The Halls with VLiving

Tis the season to be jolly and cozy up to the spirit of Christmas. As we step into December, the winter chill and an inevitable urge to indulge in the yearly ritual of exchanging gifts and putting up Christmas decorations takes over. Though at V Living, we are taking a step back from encouraging our readers to splurge on single use decorations and rather invest in timeless festive pieces that can be reclaimed in the home year after year, making your holiday spending guilfree and conscious.

Spruce Up The Christmas Tree

Ornaments & Charms

Christmas Trees are a prime essence of the holidays and when decorated with thoughtfully picked out trinkets, they can look even more magical. This Snowflake Charm with a vibrant red tassel will add a pop of color to your winter wonderland whereas this adorable Reindeer Charm (clearly a nod to Santa’s favorite peers) will also make for a great addition to your tree.

If you’re in the mood for something more literal, pick from one of these heart shaped ornaments or other charms inspired by holly and the mighty Christmas Tree itself. All our Christmas Ornaments are made with washable material and come in various hanging styles so you can reuse them time after time to your heart’s content.

Garlands & Stockings

The list of Christmas Home Decor Essentials is rather incomplete without a great set of stockings and garlands. Not only do they make great additions to the Tree but can also be used to brighten up hallways and doors during the holidays. Our Linen & Lace Stockings as well as these chunky pom pom garlands capture the soul of this occasion and are sure to add a rustic charm to your home for Christmas.

Wall hangings

While it may be Christmas, if you’re one with the holiday spirit a little Easter Egg like this one will earn you brownie points for creativity and surely draw the eye of guests. This one of a kind Embroidered Hoop features holiday appropriate thread work mimicking the antlers of a reindeer. Use it as a wall hanging or prop it up on a shelf of choice.


Cozy Up With Festive Furnishings


If there’s anything that will make your abode look instantly more festive and snug at the same time, it is Christmas themed cushion covers. At V Living, we have created a variety of them so you can coordinate or mix and match to suit your holiday mood. Opt for something familiar with an unexpected twist with these Cowrie Shell Embellished Cushion Covers

If you’d rather prefer an understated aesthetic, these red and white quilted cushion covers with Christmas Text are on point for the season, and if you’d prefer to match your cushion covers to your hanging, our variety of linen cushion covers tie in nicely with our linen Christmas Stockings.

You can also take your pick from cushion covers featuring embroidered Christmas Text, Aztec Print, Moroccan Patterns or contemporary print.

Holiday Feasts Made Better

Whether you’re baking cake, making egg nog or simply enjoying mulled wine with friends and family, the experience of cooking and sharing meals is a significant part of Christmas. Opt for a range of festive themed tablecloths and table runners to make holiday dining feel even more wholesome.

Adorn this special apron and feel one with Santa when you bring treats from the kitchen to loved ones. Add finishing details to the holiday dining experience by opting for these Christmas themed oven mitts and kitchen towels.

The Joy Of Exchanging Gifts

Rightly upholding the most important Christmas Tradition, we are making the joy of exchanging gifts even more beautiful! Our Gift Trays are perfect for the occasion and come in linen or   vibrant red Kantha print,letting you choose from a variety of sizes as well to best suit your preference.

Our Christmas Gift Shop is truly a shopper’s delight, a source for as much joy as the occasion itself. Team V Living wishes you season’s best greetings and happy holidays.

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