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Rittika Ariyona x VLiving

10 Oct, 2023

Mumbai based Rittika Ariyona has all the qualities of a natural born interior designer. Well in tune with her creative instincts, she has an impressive track record of breathing new life into homes. From design to decor, her commendable eye for visual aesthetics has made her a celebrated collaborator of the V Living Tribe, especially since her vision of the perfect home deeply resonates with us.

Rittika on her vision of a perfect home…

“A perfect home is one which speaks to and about its inhabitants and it is only the home decor that helps that happen.”

Decor is at the heart of Rittika’s interpretation of a home. She explains that every item, from the bed and wardrobe to the cushion covers and curtains speak volumes about one’s individuality, making the space truly unique and one of a kind. Personal touches like picking out decor from your favorite store or hanging up wall art found on a trip, add a genuine signature and distinct flavor to the home.

V Living through her eyes…

“I love the versatility that VLiving offers. I especially covet the delicate florals of the Pichwai collection and the rich prints of the Persian cushion cushion covers.”

Pichwai Cushion Covers, next on Rittika’s Home Decor List

Rittika has long been a member of the V Living Tribe and there’s always a story behind the items that usually catch her eye. She recounts working on a space that called for a pop of color and explains, “this living room is a bright, bohemian dream and I love how these delicately embroidered cushions with the cute tassels fit in so beautifully.”

Image Via Ariyona Interior ft VLiving Peruvian Cushion Covers

Appreciating the versatility of the brand, she describes another project involving a monochromatic bedroom and how these sophisticated grey cushion covers with delicate white print made for the perfect pick. Rittika foresees herself working on a variety of projects that incorporate the delicate florals of the Pichwai collection and the rich prints of the Persian collection.

Image Via Ariyona Interior ft VLiving Svenska Cushion Cover

Rittika on Home Decor being an investment in the post Covid Era

“People have become far more passionate about this space and are giving much importance to well planned and aesthetically beautiful homes.”

The growing popularity of Rittika’s Blog is testament to people’s changing perspective towards homes. She explains, “the pandemic and the lockdown has brought so much focus to our homes. From being a place to crash out at every night, it’s become our place of work, leisure, entertainment and rest. When there is nowhere else to go, there is always home.”

             The Persian Collection, next on Rittika’s Home Decor List

Speaking of shifting perspectives, she also points out the growing preference for ethically made products. “There is more awareness now than ever before. Every time there is a cyclone, flood or a new high in the summer temperature we do realise that we have contributed towards it. I still think there needs to be more awareness of how we can contribute in our everyday lives to prevent further damage.”, elaborates Ritika.

The importance she places on choosing collaborators who are mindful about their product quality and environmental impact are evident through our conversation with her, also indicating why we at V Living are often her ‘go to’ allies for many of her prestige projects.