The Story Of Shyrdak

If you’re the kind of person who loves colour, you’ll LOVE Shyrdak – a folkart that has its origins in Kyrgyzstan and is marked by gorgeous patterns of felt woven over fabric. What’s most unique about Shyrdak is the choice of contrasting colours that make it stand out. Back in the day these rugs were solely made by women. A single Shyrdak rug is a laborious task involving collecting wool, washing it, drying and dyeing it in bright hues and then given a unique pattern from felt.

There’s a certain mysticism about the patterns on a rug that makes it all the more alluring. These unique patterns and colours chosen are symbolic of a deeper meaning. For example: Red and white together are said to promote fertility and red and blue together are known to represent the waters of lake Issyk-kul and the earth of the Bright Mountains. On the other hand, the swirling patterns of felt that typically resemble animals also have meaning attached to it – for example the image above resembles the horns of a Ram that is known to symbolise prosperity.

Bring home a piece of the Kyrgyzstan culture with these stunning beauties. They work wonders in enhancing the colour scheme of any space. We sell them as rugs, table runners and a whole range of home decor to brighten up your abode.
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