Say Hola to Mola!

If you’re a self-proclaimed boho spirit, the mesmerizing craft of Mola will find its way to your heart in a single glance! Our tribute is a contemporary take on the art form where we have modernised it into pieces that you can use to decorate your daily life minus the hassle of high maintenance.        









So what exactly is Mola? Mola is the name of the traditional garment of an indigenous people from Panama named Guna. It was originally an art form wherein the Guna women painted intricate geometric patterns on their bodies. Later on the canvas changed from the body to the traditional garment. The beautiful maze-like appliqué is very hard to achieve and involves several layers of cloth sewn together and then cut away in parts to reveal a pattern. It is known to take anywhere between 2 to 6 months to create depending on the complexity of the design.

Ours is a simplified rendition that involves hand-embroidery to achieve the distinct geometric and maze-like patterns on traditional Molas. We have used a selection of lovely contrasting colours to make the product further ‘pop’ and create an aesthetic visual in your home. So go on and add a touch of Panama to your home with our collection of cushion covers and trendy clutches, and watch the compliments flow in!


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