Handira for your home


Handira is one of our absolute favourite collections mostly because of the cultural heritage attached to it. All the way from Morocco, Handira is a traditional wedding blanket bedecked with geometric embroidery, sequins and fringe in a creamy white colour scheme. A craft traditional to the Berber community, the Handiras were typically hand woven by the relatives of a bride where they additionally used this time to educate the bride about her marital responsibilities and expectations. The gorgeous finished blanket was then presented to the bride as a wedding gift.


Handiras are indeed a sight to behold but the fact remains that not too many would be able to handle the high maintenance of keeping it absolutely intact all through the year at home. Which is why, at VLiving you can shop our beautiful rendition of Handira where we’ve simplified the elegant blanket into functional cushion covers and lovely fold over clutches while retaining that traditional gorgeousness. Bride or not, they make a stunning addition to your home and also work as marvellous gifts!
Shop the beautiful range at – http://bit.ly/Handira


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