Bedding Etiquette in India

Monday mornings, cold winter nights and lazy afternoons. If a fluffy bed with layers of blankets is what popped into your mind then you’re on the right track! Truly beds are everyone’s safety net and honestly, what’s life without the indulgence of a warm cosy bed to sink into after a rough day at the office?

But, think about it, what’s a bed without its comfortable linen? In reality, bedding has always been the unsung hero of our lives without us ever taking notice! But today we’re going to give it some well-deserved credit. Read on to find out some interesting facts about bedding etiquette in India and across the world.

Globally, there are plenty of different practices to put the ‘sweet’ in sweet dreams. It’s the reason why the bedding department in most stores seem endless- there’s a lot that goes into making your bed, your most favorite spot at home (or in the world). Most other countries, considering climatic conditions, have several layers that form their bedding. A fitted sheet, flat sheet, duvet, comforter, layers of shams are only some of the mind-boggling terms in the bedding industry.

Let’s first have a go at the ABCs of bedding, shall we?

Fitted Sheet: In simple terms, this is the sheet of fabric used to cover the mattress.

Flat Sheet: The top sheet is commonly used as under layer of Duvet or Comforter or blanket

Comforter or Duvet: Comforter is a thick quilt filled with feathers, or other fibers to make it fluffy and warm and it covered with stylish duvet covers. Comforters or coverlets are machine quilted bedspreads and also used as a warm cover for sleeping.
Traditionally a bedding consists of “sheet set” and “top of the bed”. Sheets sets are plain white or solid colour fabrics with no fuss or little fuss and “top of the bed” has the rest, the duvet set, coverlet set, euro shams, decorative pillow, bed runner, throws and the works. Typically a coverlet/bedspread is taken off before sleeping and is used mainly to protect the bedsheet, keep them clean and decorate the bed.

What’s very interesting to note however, is that in India we follow a rather different style of bedding etiquette. In majority households we forego the concepts of “top of the bed”. Here sheet sets are the answer for all bedding needs.
Therefore the sheet sets are manufactured in elaborate, vibrant patterns and hues as they have to play mulltiple roles for its owners.
The sheet takes on the role of a coverlet during the day and for a good sleep the sheet is simply dusted off to be used again. As cover a simple blanket or a dohar is used.

Though there may never really be a place for fluffly layered bedsets in India thanks to longer spans of warm weather. This is also why the bedsheet industry here is massive and only promises to expand further.

Well, now that we’ve helped you peel back the layers that involve bedding etiquette, the next time you head out to shop for some sheets you won’t be sent into a tizzy!

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