Bags and Baskets

Bags and Baskets

Bags and baskets, the reason you’re kid’s toys aren’t scattered all over the living room floor and the reason you’re able to locate the exact change when you’re filling gas at the station. They’re god sent to anyone who is mildly OCD because they help hold our stuff ,and if you’re OCD- you’re life,  together!

Like the old adage goes –
There’s a time and place for everything.

Well, we’re not too sure about the time, but with a range of bags and baskets like ours, we’ve definitely got a place for every little thing in your life! Every organized person’s dream, there’s a beautiful bag and basket to store pretty much anything. Let’s take a look at your options.

Clutches and Sling Bags

Running for a quick, last minute errand where all you need is some cash and your keys? We’ve got gorgeous foldover clutches and sling bags for that. Embroidered and available in hues as vivid as your imagination, these clutches will hold all the essentials AND make you look stylish every time you step out!

What’s more is that we have a selection of clutches for special occasions that come in splendid embroidery and fabrics that are apt for grand settings.



Planning a Sunday funday with the kids? You’re going to need all the space you can get to keep the little ones in check! Sudden hunger cravings and need for juice in the middle of nowhere aren’t news to any mom. Store everything from snacks to toiletries in a selection of vibrant totes made to save your sanity! They also come in laminated cotton and stylish prints to combat the rainy season.

Cosmetic Pouches

For all those quick touch-ups during the day and just before you make a grand appearance, here’s a range of beautiful pouches to hold all your makeup essentials – from brushes to compact and lipsticks- all the basics in a single bag.

Toiletry Bags

Red toiletry bag, rose print, shabby chic, laminated bag, leather trims, make up or cosmetic bag, utility pouch

Nothing makes travel easier than having all your body beauty essentials in one location and it doesn’t hurt if looks pretty either! From face washes to toothbrushes and creams to combat those unwelcomed zits, a toiletry bag is a must have for anyone who wants to ensure they look flawless no matter where they go. Our range of laminated bags are both good looking and functional in terms of waterproofing and space.

Canvas Baskets

Tired of picking up the kid’s clothes from the floor? Get a pretty canvas basket instead and teach ‘em a little basketball! The kids will be entertained and you’ll have a tidy house. They work really well for storing toys and extra linen that needs to be stored away temporarily. What’s best is that these baskets are easy to maintain and make for beautiful decor thanks to the stunning prints on them, from tie dye to chevron there’s a range of stylish options to choose from.

Recycled Woven Baskets

Beautifully woven into intricate patterns these recycled baskets are a stylish and sturdy option to take along when shopping for grocery or packing for a picnic. Durable and spacious they are available in a range of vibrant colors and are easy to maintain.

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